Do You Have a ‘Game Face’ to Play Girls Volleyball?

Volleyball is not only a very physical sport, but it is also a very mental sport.  It is amazing how ONE small change in the game can affect the play or event he entire game, which can lead to a positive or negative outcome.

Eddie Dahl

September 27, 2019

Do You Have a ‘Game Face’ to Play Girls Volleyball?

Volleyball is not only a very physical sport, but it’s also a very mental one.  It’s amazing how ONE small change in a game can quickly affect the play or event entirely which can lead to a negative or even a positive outcome.  I’ve noticed in my previous years of coaching, I find myself using the phrase, “fix your face”, quite often.  What does this mean and how can this can be helpful as you develop your volleyball skills especially this 2020 competitive volleyball season?  

I’ve been coaching at South Texas Volleyball Academy (STVA) in San Antonio for years. This is what I see.

Imagine this… 

Everything is going great on the court.  Players are communicating and plays are being executed. Your team is winning.  And next thing you know, you or someone on your team begin to make mistake, after mistake, after mistake.  Now, you are down and losing the game. You have two choices. You can get your ‘game face’ or you can fall apart.  

In most cases, a team will have a leader on the court that they can count on in tough times.  This person must fix their face so they don’t look defeated, regardless of the circumstances.  They don’t let their emotions get the best of them.  They play like a champion.

Listen, most players are looking to that leader to give them a sense of hope and encouragement that they will help them overcome the obstacle they are facing.  It’s not only important for a leader to exercise this character, but each player must do so as well. 

The fact is you will begin to mature as a player – excelling in both physical and mental stamina over time.  For now, try to get your ‘game face’ during a game or play. I promise, your chances of overcoming mistakes or obstacles will pay off big time . Also, remember that every player has their part to play whether they are on the bench, keeping stats or playing on the court.  Each position is crucial to the team’s success. Competitive Volleyball is a team sport!

Don’t give up. When I see plays or games start to turn on my teams, my girls will hear me say – ‘fix your face’. And remember, as developing young ladies both on and off the court, this is not only a good tactic for playing volleyball, but you can take this tip for your everyday life as well. 

Just a smile can go a long way for yourself or others around you. Be a leader, be a champion! Get your ‘Game Face’!

To your success,

Kelli Alston, Asst. Coach, 11 Navy, STVA CLUB Volleyball

South Texas Volleyball Academy, San Antonio, Texas