STVA Indoor Volleyball Club was established in 2011. Today, we are a thriving, competitive club that has grown from five to fifteen teams in just a few short years winning competitions and awards throughout our history.

Our vision be a leader in youth and girls volleyball competitions that focuses heavily on NOT just winning but also in developing athletes physically, mentally and emotionally so they can reach their atheletic goals.

We host several indoor and beach events throughout the season.  Our tournaments are appealing to most clubs because we offer pool play with playoffs and they are typically held at Alamo City All-Stars the premier facility in San Antonio

Please take a look at the tournaments we have to offer this upcoming season.  If you have any questions please email us:


South Texas Volleyball Academy is one of the fastest growing clubs in the San Antonio area, growing from five to fifteen in just two years. Our highly competitive girls development and volleyball club is the best opportunity to take your daughters game to the next level. Serving ages 11-17.


This is a 7-week, intensive league program is for intermediate to advanced-level volleyball player in 3rd to 6th grade.  The league will consist of 12 teams (6 per division) all led by a qualified, experienced club coach.


Beach Volleyball provides the best in random, game-like volleyball experiences with a high number of contacts per person so player's get excellent skills and practice with each game. Beach is now a scholarship sport in Div. I & Div. II NCAA Beach Volleyball. Expert Beach Volleyball Coach Clint Plihal leads each practice and game.

Just for Fun, we host an annual Friday Night Beach Bash in the spring. Make sure to sign up to learn more and get updates.